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About The Book Two

One would think that after seven hundred years had passed, the conspiracies and intrigue that defined the formation of the Church in its early days would have been forgotten with age, and the violent reality of its past would have been soothed unto a sense of spiritual pacification for the benefit of all -- or so those who wore greenish brown robes would want the forgetful to believe …

In Book Two, The Owl and the Wolf, the cross-cultural story evolves from the seeds planted generations before by a specific Shamanic Cell. Only now, those cross cultural boundaries are not as clearly defined as one would normally expect them to be. The Crusading spirit that began with the Eleventh Century was not as simple and straight forward as history made it seem -- especially when represented by one Knightly Order, the Order of the Temple , and its formative cell whose enemies forced upon us the legacy of Friday the Thirteenth.

It is said that descendants of those who have lived through a time of severity never forget. Or, in this instance, are never allowed to forget -- especially if either a certain owl or a meddling wolf with yellow eyes have anything to say about it …

(Release of The Book Two - to be announced soon)



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