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Baqca, Owl and the Wolf, Deathwalker shamanic & fantasy art
Golden Wyvern Trilogy

The Golden Wyvern Trilogy

Baqca - shamanic tales

Shamanic, pagan,totem discussion

shamanic, pagan, totemic art



What if history was different? What if the foundation of Western culture was based upon a Catholic conspiracy so dark, so vast and so deeply hidden that generations of cultures and societies, be they Christian, Islamic, Pagan, or even Shamanic remained ignorant of its existence?

What would we do if that conspiracy were to be revealed?

Welcome to the Golden Wyvern and its three books - Baqca, The Owl and the Wolf, and Deathwalker.

This is a world of contrasting ideologies between the darker side of Catholic dogma and domination and shamanic freedom. It is written from the perspective of shamanic culture complete with totemic and elemental presences. A world that draws at the very threads of one's soul, be they human or totem, and touches upon a deep mystical truth felt in the hearts of all people regardless if they adhere to mainstream religion or prefer to pursue a Pagan Path.

Baqca takes the reader into a fascinating world of these shamanic and totemic realms, hidden history, the vile and destructive ways of the dark forces, and transcending power of love.


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The Owl and the Wolf


Latest News: The preparations to publish the remaining two books, The Owl and the Wolf and Deathwalker, are on the way. The estimated date for release of the Book Two will be announced soon.


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Baqca - totemic tales

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